The Nail Snail

The Nail Snail

Anyone with a baby or young child knows that it is important to maintain good health and hygiene. Your bundle of love’s health can be affected by having long fingernails in a number of ways, from dirt and germs trapped under them, to accidentally hurting themselves, other children or you. That is why we created the Nail Snail. The Nail Snail provides a way to keep your baby, toddler, or young child’s finger nails neat and clipped with no fuss or injury. It has a unique patented design that provides many unique benefits.

Innovative Design

The first benefit of the Nail Snail is its 3-in-1 design. Because of this unique innovation of Australian engineering, the Nail Snail has three tools that replace the need for traditional nail trimming methods. First is the noiseless cutting edge, which will let you cut your child or baby’s nails without any protest from them. Everyone knows that it is easier to do things for your child when they are not resisting, so the unique noiseless cutting edge of the Nail Snail can save you lots of time over the course of its use. Moreover, the V-shaped blade is perfect for cutting nails without snagging, making the nail cutting process easier on everyone. It is ideal for both fingers and toes because of this incredibly safe set up.

Patented Safe Shape

Another benefit of the Nail Snail is its fun, safe shape. Traditional nail trimming implements can be scary and intimidating to children. The Nail Snail houses all of the tools that you need in a small, cute, and safe housing. The fun snail design not only makes getting their nails trimmed less frightening for babies and children, but also makes the device into a cute shape that your child will want to hold on to and understand, helping them learn how to take care of themselves. Additionally, the snail design means that you can trust your child or baby will not be able to choke on the device, a stark difference from traditional methods of nail trimming.

Everyone Can Relax!

The design of the Nail Snail makes it easy to grip, as a result parents and babysitters who might be nervous about trimming baby’s nails will feel at easy knowing that they have supreme control over the device. Not only will this help parents split chores more evenly and make everyone’s lives a bit easier, but also show your young child that taking care of themselves and their body can be fun. This can help encourage good hygiene practices at a young age, which is important for both your child’s health and their social development.
As you can see there are lots of benefits to the Nail Snail, and there are many more waiting for you to discover. The Nail Snail also has a file, is 100% Australian owned and engineered, and doesn’t require any batteries or have any moving parts. Click around and learn about how the Nail Snail can make your life easier, your child healthier, and your family happier.

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